Arrival Information

1. Airline and transport companies have little control over the exact arrival time of your student. Homestay Australia P/L provides you with the student arrival details, however sometimes there are delays in the arrival of a student. We need for you to consider the complexities that do occur with airline travel.

2. A member of the host family must be home on the day of a studentís arrival. If you are provided with an arrival time for your student, that is the arrival time at the Airport. Always add two to three hours before your student will arrive at your home.

3. Do not go out for any long period of time prior to the expected arrival time at your home. Too often, a student who has landed early or who has cleared customs early arrives at a Homestay and the Host is NOT HOME. When this happens, the Host, Homestay Australia P/L and the Driver appear incompetent. Unless it is an emergency, do not leave your home after the advised arrival time on the day your student is to arrive. If you have to leave home because of an emergency call 0400 468 658. Otherwise, the following occurs: the Driver sits with your student in front of your home; calls their school/ College/University who in turn calls Homestay Australia P/L who in turn calls you contact numbers or begins immediately arranging another Homestay option for your student.

4. Normally students are collected by a Driver at the airport and transported directly to your home. On some occasions, a student will take a taxi from the airport to your home. We will advise you if this is the case On other occasions, a student will come with their family. In these instances the student usually goes to a hotel with their family, rests then comes to you by taxi with their family.  The family are required to call you before they arrive at your home. In these instances, there is no need for you to be at home at a specific time until you are called. Homestay Australia P/L will advise you if this is the case with your studentís arrival.

On other occasions students or their Agent have not provided an arrival time. When this occurs, you are under no obligation to remain at home. The student would have been provided with your contact numbers. It is their responsibility to call you before they arrive at your home to ensure that you are there

5. On other occasions students do not arrive as expected. If you have been advised by Homestay Australia P/L of the arrival details of your student and the student has not arrived, contact Homestay Australia P/L  IMMEDIATELY

6. Once your student has arrived, email Homestay Australia P/L and advise them of your studentís safe arrival.

7. If your student is arriving on a Friday or Saturday, we suggest the following. When confirming with staff the arrival time on those days,  ask staff to confirm that a student of the same culture  will call the new student by the end of the day to introduce hi/her to their new surroundings. If there is a student from the same culture already in your home, then this is not necessary.


Police Check or WWCC

Please confirm by email your:

Police Check Number:        Date of Police Check:


WWCC Card Number:


Homestay Payment

Your Homestay payment is transferred to you within 7 days after the studentís arrival under the following conditions.

 1. You have emailed Homestay Australia P/L confirming the arrival of your student.

2.  You have advised Homestay Australia P/L of the email address of your student.

3.  You have advised Homestay Australia P/L of the Mobile Number of your student

4. You have advised Homestay Australia P/L of your account details.

Your Account Name

Your BSB Number (6 digits)

Your Account Number


Payment Procedure

Your payment is transferred to you in four weekly allotments at the rate of $250.00 per week.

All subsequent payments for accommodation are made by Homestay Australia P/L to you, not from the student.

Do not under any circumstances ask your student for payment.

Homestay Australia P/L emails your student requesting whether they will continue to reside with you for the next four week period. If they are, Homestay Australia P/L will invoice the student, await their payment, and then make a payment to you the Host.

If you have any payment issues contact Stefan Morgan 0400 468 658 or 


Students Giving Notice

If your student advises you that they will only be staying with you for the initial four week period, contact Homestay Australia P/L to inform them of your pending vacancy.

Your student needs to only give you two weeks notice after the initial four week period.

Students who are Under 18 years are required by Immigration Law to reside in a Homestay unless they are residing with a relative. If your student wishes to leave your home, they can do so but they can only move to another Homestay. If the student has advised you that they will be leaving in two weeks, check that the student is Over 18 years of age.

If you are not sure, contact Homestay Australia P/L.

Homestay hosts of students under 18 years of age are asked to bring to Homestay Australia P/L's attention any case where a student's behaviour is a concern to them or out of character or suggesting an underlying issue that needs to be investigated. If there are any signs that the student is troubled or not coping or their overt behaviour has suddenly changed, this may indicate that they are not coping well and Homestay Australia P/L would like to be alerted to this to offer assistance."

Homestay Australia P/L