What is an Australian Halal House.


 Halal Food Guide


The reality of offering Halal food to an International Muslim student is not difficult nor is it any more expensive.

If you are not Muslim yourself, the International Muslim student has the common sense to understand that as an Australian Homestay, you may be unable to provide specifically, Halal meat.


However, there are simple guild lines which you can follow which are quite satisfactory.



For example. “Ski” Yoghurt.  If you read the ingredients list, there is written Halal Gelatine. This means that the Yoghurt is fine for a Muslim student.


Therefore, simply check your labels when you buy anything. Many supermarket products like sauces have a portion of animal fat in their makeup. Just check the label. It will specify the ingredients and its acceptability regarding Halal.. Most seafood sauces are Ok, many Italians sauces are not.


Before a meal the International Muslim student will say a prayer which essentially forgives him if accidentally he/she does eat pork based animal products.


Not that difficult and the International Muslim student is an excellent guest in the home and usually with a good grasp of English.



"Here's a tip to pass on to other Homestay providers: The local Turkish kebab shop is a source of endless food delicacies and treats suitable for Muslim students. I don't buy raw Halal meat anymore."

J. Dunstan. 2009



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