Homestay Payment


Payments to Hosts varies depending upon the Meal requirement of the student.

This can be between $280.00 per week to $470.00 per week


Your Homestay payment is transferred to you within 7 days after the studentís arrival. All Homestay Payments are 7 days after any due date.


Your payments, after your first payment are - 1 week in arrears then 3 weeks in advance. (In some cases 4 weeks in advance).


Payment is made initially once :


 1. You have emailed Homestay Australia confirming the arrival of your student.

2.  You have advised Homestay Australia of the email address of your student.

3.  You have advised Homestay Australia of the Mobile Number of your student

4. You have advised Homestay Australia of your account details.


Your Account Name

Your BSB Number (6 digits)

Your Account Number


Payment Procedure


Your payment is transferred to you in four weekly allotments at the rate dependant upon the level of service you are providing.

All subsequent payments for accommodation are made by Homestay Australia to you, none will come from your student.


Do not under any circumstances ask your student for payment.


Homestay Australia will email your student requesting whether they will continue to reside with you for the next four week period. (Over 18 years) If they are, Homestay Australia will invoice the student, await their payment, and then make a payment to you the Host.

If your student is Under 18 years, Homestay Australia will send them directly their next invoice. Check with your student to ensure that they understand how to make the payment online or at their bank.


If you have any payment issues email  


Study Tours

Study Tours are short periods of Homestay accommodation. (Maximum of two weeks)

Study tours are subject to change at short notice.

Changes can be due to a number of reasons which are considered on a case by case basis.

There is no minimum set time for Notice to Vacate for Study Tours (only long term Homestay requires Two Weeks notice ) This is clearly stated in our Terms & Conditions)

If a student has to be moved from a Homestay Host, payment will go to the Host for ONLY the period of time that the student is actually at the residence .

Since minimum Notice to Vacate is not required for a Study Tour, Homestay Australia is not liable to make any payment to the Host after the student has left.


Students Giving Notice

Students who are Under 18 years are required by Australian Immigration to reside in a Homestay unless they are residing with a relative. If your student wishes to leave your home email and explain the situation.

If your students is over 18 years of age, then email of your pending vacancy.


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