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Homestay Host Criteria


The Required Standards for student accommodation are as follows:


The home must be clean and comfortable and the Homestay Hosts must reside at the Homestay Premises;


Each student is to have their own room, bed, desk or if a shared room no more than 2 persons

per room (same sex) each of whom must have separate bed and desk;


Students are not to share rooms with Host family members and sharing arrangements will

only be provided if the parents of the Student's) so request;


There are to be no more than 3 overseas students residing in the home;


Students are to be given a key to the Home or arrangements made so that the Student can

gain access to the home at any time;


There must be adequate lighting for study purposes;


There must be heating in winter and some means of cooling in summer;


There must be access to shared bathroom, with reasonable time allowed for showers (15 minutes);


There must be access to kitchen and laundry facilities and use of shared living areas of home;


The Homestay Host is to provide meals as agreed to and, in providing meals, the Homestay Host

must be aware of and take account of cultural differences. Food should be available for Students to

make themselves an after school snack;


House rules are to be discussed and explained to the Student, (including friends visiting, use of

phone and incoming calls, cleaning of room or other household tasks, meal times and rules for

behaviour such as going out and times for arriving home, manners and courtesy);


Use of telephone and/or computer facilities is to be at students own expense. However charges to

the Student should only cover the actual cost of phone or internet usage.

Use of Homestay internet will be restricted including restrictions on downloads.


Personal items and their insurance to be at the Studentís own risk but covered by the contents policy

of the Household;


Students may change Homestay Premises if there is a medical reason to do so, a request from

parents of the Student or the placement in a particular Homestay premises is not compatible,

in the reasonable opinion of the Student.

Changes to Homestay placement do not incur an additional fee.



Recognising the importance of child protection, Homestay Providers and Homestay Hosts ensure

that all adult individuals residing at any Homestay Premises will have a Working With Children Check

and a Police Check.


Homestay Premises are to be visited and inspected by Homestay Providers regularly to ensure

that standards are being met.


Homestay Hosts take on guardianship of students under 18 years if so requested. Guardians take

on a parental role in communication between the Student, Schools and Parents. They provide care

and support for students and assist Students to settle into life and study in school.


Hosts are not to take an responsibility for transferring students - to and from school, airports,

excursions etc as the has no insurance cover.


Students do not pay you directly. Homestay Australia will make all your payments into your Bank account.


Students are not to be left alone overnight under any circumstances.


If you have an questions please email



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