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You have to have insurance cover for your student.


  1. Public Liability Insurance (Compulsory)


If you are renting or paying a mortgage then your Public Liability Insurance is covered. If you own your own home (No mortgage) then you need to ensure that you have Public Liability  Insurance.

Public Liability Insurance covers anyone who has an accident in your home.

If you are not sure, speak to your Insurer to ascertain if you are covered or not. If not, cover for your students can be arranged as follows:

            Follow the link:

            The page includes a summary of the cover, the application form and an outline of the application/payment process along with the policy wording and FAQ section.


RSM Group Pty Ltd

1300 786  806


RSM Group Pty Ltd AFS Licence No: 239631



  1. Contents Insurance for your student (Compulsory)


Does your insurer cover the contents of your student ?  Call your insurer and ask them the following question.

              “Does my contents Insurance cover the Unrelated Guest, Visitor or student residing in my home?”


                There are only 2 answers – Yes or No


                If Yes – then record the name of the person you spoke to, the time and date of the call and

                advise Homestay Australia that your Content Insurance does cover your students.


                 If No – then contact one of the suggested Insurers below.


Please provide the information required once you have arranged both the Public Liability Insurance and Contents Insurance for your home.





Tel: 13 22 44



Tel: 13 10 00


Australian Unity

Tel: 13 29 39



Tel: 13 15 32



Tel: 13 10 10



Tel: 13 72 28






Homestay Australia Pty. Ltd. will not accept any liability for any injury to any person. No liability will be accepted for any damage, loss, theft or disappearance of any property belonging to anyone. No liability will be accepted for any illegal or criminal activity by any persons. Responsibility must be taken by all parties for their own safety and the safety of their belongings. Total responsibility rests upon all parties to have appropriate Insurance for all aspects.


Homestay Australia Pty Ltd