Dear Host

You have to have insurance cover for your student.


  1. Public Liability Insurance (Compulsory)


If you are renting or paying a mortgage then your Public Liability Insurance is covered. If you own your own home (No mortgage) then you need to ensure that you have Public Liability  Insurance.

Public Liability Insurance covers anyone who has an accident in your home.


  1. Contents Insurance for your student (Compulsory)


Does your insurer cover the contents of your student ?  Call your insurer and ask them the following question.

              “Does my contents Insurance cover the Unrelated Guest, Visitor or student residing in my home for up to 4 weeks ?”


                There are only 2 answers – Yes or No


                If Yes – then record the name of the person you spoke to, the time and date of the call and

                advise Homestay Australia that your Content Insurance does cover your students.


                 If No – then contact our suggested Insurer .You will be required to arrange both Public Liability Insurance and Contents Insurance at the rate of ($175.00 per year)


Richard Coloretti

Edgewise Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

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Public Liability Insurance

All Hosts have to have Public Liability Insurance for their home.

If your home has a Mortgage payable, this will automatically have a Public Liability Insurance component.

If there is no Mortgage on your Home, then you are required to have Public Liability Insurance for your home.

A copy of your Insurance cover is required upon request.

If you have any queries, please be in contact with our office.


All Host are required to have Insurance cover for their students either by their own Policy or :


Homestay Host Provider Group Code - AUS05


This Policy covers claims against the Host family for injury caused to the student.

The cover is for the Homestay Hosts.

Public Liability : $20,000,000

Excess :  $100.00 AUD.

Cost : $125.00 per year


Richard Coloretti

Chief Executive Officer


Benefits of Cover

Benefits of the cover arranged on your behalf include

the following events:


Liability – the policy provides protection for you up to a

limit of $10,000,000 should you become legally liable to pay

as a result of a claim or legal proceeding against you from

your Homestay Student for Personal Injury or Property

Damage. An optional $20,000,000 limit can be purchased if



Contents and Building Damage – cover up to $5,000 is

provided should any damage caused by the Homestay

Student occur to either your home or its contents, subject

to the conditions of the policy.


Accidental Death – provides accidental death cover up to

$5,000 for you and your spouse who permanently reside in

your home during the period of the Homestay Student’s stay.


Wallet Guard – If your wallet is stolen, the policy will cover

the value of the wallet, the cost to replace personal papers

and credit cards and any associated application fees.


Fraudulent Charges – If your credit cards are lost or are

stolen by the Student and are used to make unauthorised

charges, the policy will reimburse the unauthorised charges

that you are responsible for on your lost or stolen credit

card up to 12 hours prior to your first reporting the event to

your card issuer.


Key and Lock Replacement – If your Homestay Student

loses your keys, the cost to cut duplicate keys is covered,

as is replacing your locks. The cover also extends to

cover your car keys and, if your car keys cannot be

replaced within 24 hours, the cover will also provide a

rental car for you until the keys are replaced.


Identity Theft – If your identity is compromised, the policy

will reimburse you for expenses related to resolve an

identity theft such as legal expenses and lost wages for

time off from work.


Homestay Host Insurance-Plus™ is arranged by Edgewise Insurance

Brokers Pty Ltd (ABN 58 841 258 952) (AFSL 307654) and underwritten by

AIG Australia Limited (ABN 93 004 727 753) (AFSL 381686). This brochure

contains general information and is a summary of cover only. Terms,

Conditions and Exclusions apply. It does not take into account your

individual objectives, financial situations or needs, and may not suit your

personal circumstances. So, it is important that you are aware

of the full policy terms and conditions. We ask that you visit to download a copy of the

Edgewise Financial Services Guide, the full summary of cover and Policy

Wording. If you would like to ask questions, telephone and email contact

details are also available on the web site.

We advise that the financial benefit earned by Edgewise for administrating

this policy may be shared with its referral partners.



Edgewise Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

ACN: 120 673 261  AFSL 307654

P: 03 9425 1313

M: 0413 159 265

F: 03 9425 1399





Student Contents Insurance  


Dear All Homestay Providers,

We are excited to announce the addition of a new optional cover as part of the Homestay Host Insurance Plus Policy, namely “Student Personal Effects Cover”, which covers loss or damage to a Students contents or personal valuables whilst in your home up to $10,000 per year (with $100 excess per claim). If the cover is taken up by the Host it also effectively increases the level of Accidental Damage coverage by the Student to the Hosts property currently $5,000 under the policy to $10,000.

The cost of the cover is $50 per year and each Host who currently has insurance with us will automatically be offered this on renewal of their policy. The renewal emails sent to hosts will highlight the new cover, cost etc. If a Host wants to include this cover before renewal we will charge them the pro-rata premium and a  $25(plus GST) administration fee (as we have do all the work to effect the endorsement manually).

Below is the Endorsement summarising the cover for your information.  

If you have any questions regarding the new cover please email or call me.

Richard Coloretti

Edgewise Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

ACN: 120 673 261  AFSL 307654

P: 03 9425 1313

M: 0413 159 265

F: 03 9425 1399





AIG agrees to extend the coverage under your Part 2 – Home and Contents Cover, found in your Homestay Host Insurance - Plus Cover, to Homestay Students.

Such extension of coverage shall be by way of:

A. amending in Part 2-Home and Contents Cover, the section headed "DEFINITIONS IN RESPECT OF THIS PART 2 COVER ONLY" as follows:

i. By deleting the definition of Household Contents and replacing it with the following:

Household Contents shall refer to renovated items, fixtures and fittings installed by the Insured, household furniture and furnishings, clothing’s, personal effects or Personal Valuables belonging to the Insured, the Host Family, or the Homestay Student.

B. replacing in Part 2-Home and Contents Cover, the section headed "INSURING CLAUSE" as follows:


i. From the Effective Date and for the Policy Period, We will pay for loss or damage to a Host’s Household Contents, Personal Valuables and Buildings, and/or Homestay Student’s Household Contents and Personal Valuables within the Insured Premises provided:

(a) the loss or damage arose out of an Accidental Event caused as a direct result of the actions of a Homestay Student or Host;

(b) the Accidental Event referred to in (a) above occurred at the Insured Premises only;

(c) the total liability of the Company under this Part 2 Cover during any Policy Period shall not exceed $10,000 as specified in the Policy Schedule in respect of this Part 2 Cover; and

Further provided that:

(a) The amount of Personal Valuables shall be deemed not to exceed one thousand dollars ( $1,000) for any one article (excluding the first $100/of each and every loss);

(b) Securities or documents of any kind, stamps, coins or paper money, cheques, books of accounts or other business books, computer systems records is not covered under this Part 2 Cover;

(c) Loss of cash is not covered under this Part 2 Cover;

(d) Household Contents left in the open outside the confines of the Insured Premises is not covered under this Part 2 Cover; and

(e) The Insured or Homestay Student bears the first $100.00 dollars of any claim under this Part 2 Cover.

Cover under this extension is subject to the General Definitions found in this Part 2, as well as all other applicable Policy Terms, Conditions, Definitions, General Exclusions and Specific Exclusions.


Homestay Australia Pty. Ltd. will not accept any liability for any injury to any person. No liability will be accepted for any damage, loss, theft or disappearance of any property belonging to anyone. No liability will be accepted for any illegal or criminal activity by any persons. Responsibility must be taken by all parties for their own safety and the safety of their belongings. Total responsibility rests upon all parties to have appropriate Insurance for all aspects.


Homestay Australia Pty Ltd