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Students to Sydney

Sydney is the largest and oldest city in Australia and capital of New South Wales. Situated on what is considered to be one of the world's most  beautiful natural harbours, Sydney is a vibrant, multi-faceted, cosmopolitan city that offers more entertainment, shopping and sightseeing than any other place in Australia.  The harbour waterfront, with its famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and the iconic Opera House, is a place to go to meet people, eat good food, be entertained and simply enjoy watching all kinds of sailing craft pass by.



Sydney is in a temperate region with typically four seasons; although not as clearly defined as those of the Northern Hemisphere. Summer temperatures range from 18oC to 32oC with humidity of 60 to 70 per cent (ideal beach weather). The winter is mild with temperatures dropping below 10oC overnight but warming up to near summer weather by midday. Rainfall in Sydney is usually spread fairly evenly through the year.


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September to November

Spring in Sydney offers a pleasant mild temperature, with occasionally unpredictable cold, wet and windy days.


December to February

Sydney enjoys a long summer with warm weather. The temperature ranges from 18C to 32C in summer, with occasional hot spells of over 38C. Humidity in summer ranges from 60% to 70%.


March to May

Balmy weather with warm to mild temperatures


June to August

Sydney has a short and mild winter. Winter temperature ranges from 8C to 18C, with the overnight temperature sometimes dropping below 6C.


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